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Eric Safire, Esq.

Eric Safire




In 1978, Eric Safire began practice as a public defender in the State of Alaska. Before returning to California, he single handedly tried over 80 cases to jury verdict. Since 1981 the practice has averaged over 5 jury trials per year, both criminal and civil.


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Working to Even the Playing Field...

Safire Law Offices can offer you legal services covering many aspects of the law, from a complicated constitutional problem to a simple will. We have been providing excellent, efficient and courteous service to the San Francisco Bay Area community since 1982. Recognized as a full-service firm, our areas of expertise include criminal defense, injury cases, employment disputes, and discrimination policy, among many other specialties.

In helping our clients solve their challenging legal problems and achieve their objectives, we believe that no legal problem is too small and even the smallest issue deserves attention.



The practice arises out of Eric Safire's desire to provide legal help to friends and neighbors with everyday problems. "Everyone should have a legal education to protect themselves from Government abuse, police misconduct, employment discrimination, and to guarantee medical treatment for injuries." However, such education is not available to everyone and professionals are required to ensure that all people, regardless of their socio-economic situation, receive the protections provided by federal and state constitutions and statutes.
Since 1982, the injuries aspect of the practice has included more than 2000 worker's compensation claims, and more than 500 personal injury, and discrimination cases successfully resolved.

Worker's compensation claims are inextricably combined with the employment relationship. Employers try to deny vested stock options, and other benefits to those unavailable for work due to injury. During the past 19 years the practice has become more than familiar with the benefits employees are entitled to receive, and those targeted for denial and restriction.

The Safire practice has tried to "even the playing field" for criminal defendants, injured workers and employees, who are disadvantaged when trying to resolve issues thrust upon them through no choice of their own.

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